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Kozmatin is a Contract Cosmetics Manufacturer presenting only high-standards products, with the most devised designing, packaging, and forming.

Competence is our foundation to meet our customers’ needs so we are committed to provide you pure-quality cosmetics depending on global manufacturing metrics & methods.

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beauty is our passion

We have built our brand on developing and manufacturing most innovative beauty products because we believe good industry leads to our success.

Kozmatin helps women to find beauty in their own way; we work hard all the time for your brilliance and distinction, which is why you choose us.

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To say that I haven’t been getting out much is a bit of an understatement. I feel as though I’ve been locked in my office for months, though it’s really only a matter of weeks if I count it up properly. Still, I’ve been doing the intense sort of work that means you miss lunch,… <a


There’s something deeply satisfying about applying a cream eyeshadow with fingertips – it must appeal to the toddler in me. The teeny pots of “paint”, the relatively slapdash approach to sticking a finger in and then swiping it across the eyelid… It’s makeup that feels effortless, despite the fact that it takes about the same… <a

Nail salon.

I know some people who really love the smell of nail varnish – but personally, I’m not the biggest fan! So when these Little Ondine polishes arrived at the #houseofeldridge with odor-free claims I was intrigued – I couldn’t quite believe they would be 100% resin scent-free. The polishes are water-based and vegan. They claim… <a


Love from our clients around the world

Mohammad Karem

A company with great respect for clients and be always with the need of the project

Sara Belal

Had so much pleasure by working with kozmatin team i will have other projects with them. Thank You

Ebrahim uglu

The product is good, the team is good, the prices are amazing. I recommend working with kozmatin

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