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Our Services

At Kozmatin, we offer a wide array of services to help you navigate and overcome the challenges of developing your brand. Our expertise includes creating new formulas and products, as well as selecting the perfect colours. 

Our Research & Development team works closely with producers of innovative products and packaging to deliver outstanding service, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience with us.

If you seek to outsource the entire process of creating new cosmetics for your brand—from manufacturing and filling to design and packaging—we are here to guide you at every stage.

Our private label manufacturing unit is versatile and equipped to handle a wide range of customer projects. Whether your formula is crafted in your laboratory or ours, Kozmatin will help you bring products to market more effectively and with superior quality.

When it comes to cosmetic packaging, every detail counts. We offer comprehensive packaging services customized to your specific needs, utilizing innovative designs and methodologies.

Choosing the right packaging is key to reaching your target audience. As experts in the field, we employ cutting-edge methods to create packaging solutions that stand out and enhance your brand.

Let Kozmatin be your partner in achieving your business goals.

how we work:

At Kozmatin, we stand by a set of core values that define our work and guide our relationships:


We pursue superior quality in every aspect of our operations for an exceptional customer experience.


We value strong relationships with our clients and work together to achieve mutual success.


Our commitment to continuous improvement keeps us leading the industry.


We prioritize ethical practices and minimize our environmental impact for a sustainable future.

why Kozmatin:

At Kozmatin, our brand is built on the foundation of developing and manufacturing cutting-edge beauty products.We believe that success 

stems from excellence in the industry. We empower individuals to embrace their unique beauty through our high-quality cosmetics. Our dedication

to your brilliance and distinction is what sets us apart and earns your trust. Quality is a key factor in our expansion within the domestic and 

international market. Consumers value exceptional quality, and we ensure each order—regardless of size—is meticulously produced

Additional reasons to choose Kozmatin include:

Skilled and experienced team

Rigorous quality assurance processes

Substantial production capacity

Innovative formulation service