23 years of experience

More Than 44 different Products

existing in More 5 Countries

All our products are registred By WIPO


Established in 1993, KOZMATIN has been known to be one of the most renowned and leading companies in the cosmetics and beauty industry and

manufacturing private labels for many commercial brands proving itself strongly in the international market in a short period of time.

In 2013, KOZMATIN decided to launch its own brand “Farfasha” to compete with global brands. Since the establishing of Farfasha, the company took huge steps in terms of research and development and has gone through many phases of expansion to reach the current bright status in the market. The company is very proud of the great feedback we receive from our agents and customers coupled with acquiring various certificates of appreciation and quality including the a license from the Turkish health ministry and the ISO certificate and the GMP and the British heath certification and many others.

What make our company unique and special are the thorough selection and design in assembling the products and testing them using the highest quality materials. We pay more attention to manufacturing high quality products than having a big profit, as we believe that the biggest gains are a quality product and customer trust and love which continue to grow over time.

We annually attends international fairs and exhibitions specializing in the cosmetic industry to be familiar with the latest trends in manufacturing,

machines, equipment and techniques in cosmetics production as well as cooperating with international companies in a mutual relationship to swap

competencies. We are proud that all the materials involved in production are from Italy, Germany, U.S.A, France, Belgium and others. Therefore,

KOZMATIN (Farfasha) is considered as one of the leading companies in Turkey in terms of valuing research and development and prioritising testing  in order to ensure that developing products are manufactured to the highest quality possible.

Also we constantly review our products to implement any required improvements and also launch new products to join KOZMATIN (Farfasha) family, which always keeps growing. Our strength comes from a dedicated quality control system throughout all departments from manufacturing to packaging under the supervision of highly qualified and trained specialists. Our quality control system ensures that production is efficient as we run many production lines and quality should be the first priority.

Our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards with attention to precision control to ensure consumer health and safety by making sure that out production process is robust in order to to pass on the value to our loyal customers.

This is what makes us unique amongst cosmetics companies in Turkey. Our company, KOZMATIN (Farfasha), covers all aspects of beauty products

including skin care, face, body, hair and full make-ups for the beauty, protection and the attractiveness of the face without forgetting the beautiful

fragrances involved.

Our company has a very ambitious future plan which is to introduce a wide range of new products and especially for all beauty aspects including, skin and care products that will surprise our loyal clients in the near future and we also promise in add a huge collection of make-up products and its tools and accessories.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". Our journey has already involved many steps towards achieving success and capturing

excellent value. We will always work hard to satisfy our clients and agents and pay attention to all the details on order to thrive, grow and prosper