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About us

About Kozmatin

Kozmatin is a Contract Cosmetics Manufacturer presenting only high-standards products, with the most devises designing, packaging, and forming.

Competence is our foundation to meet our costumers’ needs so we are committed to provide you pure-quality cosmetics depending on global manufacturing metrics & methods.

Mission, Vision

Our mission is not limited in manufacturing products, but we also give value to our costumers making them comfortable working with us is accordance of our goals.

Ensuring that we produce cosmetics to the highest quality standards to enhance our costumers’ fame.

Earning the trust of costumers, consumers and society.

Extending our name to get recognized worldwide.

Kozmatin Factory

In our factory, we use the best technologies and tools to manufacture the highest value of cosmetic.

Kozmatin creates products with love that keep you shine all the time, with originally in market it.

We also have vitality in managing our team of Engineers, Chemists, Employees, and the rest of staff.

how we work:

In Kozmatin, we have basics principles that we do not give up, learn about our principles:


Because we have always to be honest & trustful with our clients.


Because acting with integrity make good relationships stronger.


Because each of us is creative in our own way.


Because when each individual understands his accountability real power arises.

why Kozmatin:

We have built our brand on developing and manufacturing most innovation beauty products because we believe good industry leads to our success.

Kozmatin helps women to find beauty in their own way, we work hard all the time for your brilliance and distinction, which is why you choose us.

We realize that the quality is very important reason for expanding costumers in domestic market, and consumers appreciate good quality.

Therefor, if we receive your order, no matter to size of the order, we will produce each item carefully.

Also, there are many other reasons for choosing us, including:

Having a qualified team

Quality assurance

Enormous production capacity

Innovative formulation service

In the end, Kozmatin is definitely your choice for better quality, better prices, and better services in the cosmetic industry.

meet our clients

we honored to work